We make common sense of cosmic sense through spirit & soul-based science...mystery becomes mastery

Go Fast alone. Go Further together. 

The 13 Moons brings you tools each month to help you achieve emotional ease & experience success in every area of your life.

Together is better. 

We practice our monthly themed meditations as a community on/or near the New Moon and the Full Moon with Guru Singh. This is how we keep each other motivated and connected. 

The Lunar Cycle Monthly Practices & Wisdom Release

From the on-demand curated library:

  • One 3-to-11 minute meditation 
  • One 45-minute krya [movement practice] 
  • One 15-ish minute choti krya [movement practice] 
  • One 7-ish minute kryalito [movement practice]
  • Library of audio form wisdom from Guru Singh  


The overlapping collections of human thoughts are revelating the future. Today this future is being revealed from a very dark collection of thoughts. Our task is to inspire and activate higher thought at at a massive scale. 

13 is the number of the goddess. And, as has been said for decades...and most likely even centuries, "if women/mothers ruled the world, there would be no war." This is the nature of the goddess, caring for all life finding solutions to uplift all challenges and soothing the hurt -- a logical by product of life. For this reason, our effort is dedicated to the goddess and why we have chosen the name, 13 Moons.

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